November 12, 2015


Recently a library ballot referendum was defeated by 519 votes and some in the community, including some Christians, are furious with the 519. A fellow believer even wrote a letter-to-the-editor saying that these people should be embarrassed by their vote. Those who villainize these folks are overlooking the fact that the vote was actually 5,618 to 5,099. I guess it’s easier to rationalize being angry with 519 than it is being angry with 5,618 voters. I’m amazed people can become so impressed with themselves that they think they can direct the lives of others, up to and including how to vote. In Paul’s farewell to the Ephesian elders he warned, “Even from your own number men will arise and distort the truth in order to draw away disciples after them” (Acts 20:30).

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Steve Corey said...


-----God bless you! This isn’t just an issue about hurt feelings. It is an issue about a systemic process which goes unrecognized because people fail to simplify the details of a situation into its basic nature. You could not have better simplified the nature grown into these whining, moaning, achie-breakie hearts. They’re not just sad. They’re not just mad. They are now bullies. And after some amount of tongue lashing, if they could, they would bring this library issue to another vote, this time limited to only City residents, like they did with the wreck center, and they would have their new tax for us all to pay. These are evil, conniving, scheming people who are intent on getting their own way so much that they are willing to shame and bad mouth anyone who thinks differently than do they. That is a group behavior known as bullying, and it has not only far reaching political implications, but also spiritual ones.
-----It isn’t that bullying is something new amongst us. It’s always been. Fifty years ago, however, it was publicly frowned upon bad enough that daddies taught their sons to knock teeth out of bullies, and political bullying had to work in the closet. Bullying certainly happened, but like mold spots on a block of cheese, it was easily shaved off when it came to awareness. The difference today is that political bullying has become accepted, expected, and even celebrated (remember the bullying the “celebrate Jesus” people did to the “worship God” people?) The mold spots have been left in open view without drawing any deleterious response long enough that they are beginning to join up into a complete shroud of mold. And the cheese block is about done in.
-----”I’m amazed people can become so impressed with themselves that they think they can direct the lives of others, up to and including how to vote.” These people’s personal heart shown by this insightful gem is “…so impressed with themselves…” The social heart shown is “…they think they can direct the lives of others…” A couple days ago I heard it speculated on the radio that a good debate question for the Republican presidential candidates would be, “Reflect on your life and tell us the way being white privileged has most advanced your success.” There are times I wish with all my heart I could have that public microphone and answer questions like this one. Speaking to the spirit of both these hearts, I would have replied, “The one aspect of white privilege most responsible for my success I would not change for anything. Nor would I wish to live a moment without it. And indeed, whites, especially white Christian men, have had this privilege thrust upon them almost like it were a blessing from God. I have had the privilege of being grabbed by the seat of my pants and the scruff of my neck for thrusting my face before the mirror. There I’ve been forced to look long and hard at my evils. So! I’ve been overcoming what I’ve been seeing. I want to share my white privilege. I hope someday minorities and PC police who’ve publicly done this advantage to me get it publicly done to them. Then everyone can lean forward with love and understanding, graciously forgiving and helping one another as much as I’ve seen I need forgiveness and help. Our neighborhoods would reemerge from the bullyhoods into which they’ve been transformed by those who think they have the right to control others.”
-----If you want to be very basic about it, neighborhood builds from the mind of Christ. Bullyhood builds from the mind of antichrist. Look, Sally, look! See the beast rising! Look, Jane, look! See Jesus coming. Ooooooooooooooo, He doesn’t look happy.

Love you all,
Steve Corey