February 08, 2016

Stupid Criminals

My cousin Laura was working in the church foyer when a man came in asking for a food box. The secretary made a copy of the man’s driver’s license, gave him a food box and he left the building talking on his cell phone. Laura though it strange that he could afford a Galaxy S6 phone, but yet needed food assistance. Unfortunately for Laura it was her phone walking out the door. Just goes to prove that even stupid criminals go to church and leave a copy of their driver’s license with the secretary. “Even as he walks along the road, the fool lacks sense and shows everyone how stupid he is” (Ecc 10:3 NIV).


Steve Corey said...


-----I once saw a movie called Lifeforce that was kind of a cross between a vampire and a zombie theme. Aliens in human form were brought to earth by a space mission. And of course, they get out of their quarantine and go around sucking the life force out of people. This left the poor victim all shriveled up like a mummy until it could go find a healthy person to suck out his life force and return to normal. So, by the end of the movie were these marauding hordes of mummy-like zombies returning to normal by sucking life force then returning to mummies by getting drained again by some other mummy. That movie left me with a picturesque metaphor of this life.
-----God is our supply and joy. Before Adam and Eve slipped up, He made what we need to occur naturally and in abundance. But after the rebellion, supply became limited almost to the point of non-existence. We then had to work by the sweat of our brows to get what we need. In this place of limited supply, a preponderance of souls would discover it was easier to suck the rewards of hard work from others (or the spoils they had sucked up too,) than it was to go be honest and work hard. And ever since we have had to keep one eye on our job and the other eye watching out for supply sucking zombie vampires.

Love you all,
Steve Corey

Gail Marvel said...

Great visual!