September 15, 2015

The Motherland

My friends, who opted to live in a South American country, must return to the US for three months out of the year in order to maintain their visa. Certainly financial considerations come into play in their decision; however, I find it curious that when they are back in the states they weigh in on politics (local, state and national), criticize how far America has fallen and push those of us who live here to get involved.  We know America is deteriorating, but she still offers an element of security found nowhere else in the world today. “Like a bird that strays from its nest is a man who strays from his home” (Proverbs 27:8 NIV).

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Steve Corey said...


-----Before Lucifer rebelled and after earth and sky has fled from the face of the Judge who casts all the rebellious into the lake of fire, there is perfection, but not so much as a speck or inkling of wrong. The Bible doesn’t say much about conditions in the lake of fire. Dante had some thoughts about it, but who’s he when it comes to who’s seen and who guesses? Maybe there is a little good there, but since all good comes from God, whose presence is certainly not in that place, I tend to think Hell will be as thoroughly evil as heaven is thoroughly righteous. It is this temporal life that is the mixture of the two.
-----Except for Adam and Eve before they sinned and Jesus throughout His earthly life, no person in his flesh has ever been perfect. Nor do I believe we could accuse any human of having been completely and thoroughly evil. Maybe the Antichrist will be. But for some reason, I don’t even have the curiosity to speculate about that. This temporal life is not only a mixture of good and evil, but every person in it is also that mixture. This is not the place of perfection’s home, but is the place for humility, else arrogance.
-----So. When you have a community of folks, good and evil will be at work there. And the bigger the community, the more pockets of good there will be amongst the backdrop of evil, or visa versa. Even Hitler was not able to evilize Germany thoroughly, otherwise we wouldn’t have those two great movies: Schindler’s List and The Pianist. Nor would we have Ann Frank’s story, nor the millions of untold others.
-----These are what the church is to this worsening world. Here and there and yon, pretty much everywhere, a few folks who know the truth and practice it in their lives make little clefts in the rocks where the godly can take shelter, unless evil circumstances overcome temporal security as it is doing to the Christians of the Middle East. But even that shouts the glory of God in their overcoming evil by their sacrifice.
-----Some are sure the end of evil will never be seen coming, everything will go on as it always has without a hint or clue until Jesus is suddenly plopped down at our feet. Rather than Clueless in Seattle, they must think we are Clueless in the Battle. That just isn’t the workable way in this place. God gives clues always. He directed sufficient history of His people written to show that good and evil battle for each culture’s frame of reference, sometimes one holding the lead, then sometimes the other, but neither ever really going away until the one is cast away. Whether or not anyone will admit that the ebbs of righteousness are being outdistanced by the flows of evil, God’s people still need to discern evil’s flows in order to walk against them in bringing from their Word-directed wisdom good and plenty encouragement and edification for those seeking shelter under Christ’s wings.

Love you all,
Steve Corey