October 27, 2015


In doing a follow-up on a story a government employee got a little defensive at my simple question. While he answered my question there was a hint of indignation and he suggested I take any further inquiry to someone else. Even though I know the employee as a fellow believer, it didn’t keep him from having a worldly reaction to the situation. The Genesis account of the Fall of Man came to mind and I heard God asking simple questions — “Where are you?” “What is this you have done?” Although Adam answered, he implied further questions should go to Eve. Likewise, Eve answered God, but implied further questions should be directed to the serpent. Unfortunately even people of faith sometimes look around for a serpent when we don’t want to fully answer a question.

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Steve Corey said...


-----A stream of thought is like a chain; one thought is brought forth by connection with its predecessor, and itself draws forth the next thought. Fellowship is like a chain. One action is brought forth by the action before it, and draws forth another action after it. And evil is like a chain. We have words for the connections between chain links: reminders, cues, inspiration, encouragement, edification, influence, entice, seduce, deceive. We often hear people pass along and share the praise for a job well done, “Thank you, I had a good teacher,” “Oh, I saw John contribute and just thought I would follow in suit,” etc. We like that.
-----Odd that we don’t like it when things have gone badly. There isn’t anything in Genesis of God upbraiding either Adam or Eve for their being honest about the chain links. And people don’t like to hear others expose how they were hooked into doing wrong. They call it making excuses. But evil is a twisting of good. Although Adam and Eve both tried to pass the buck to rid the attention, they were indeed passing the buck towards where it started.
-----What would have made God happy? To hear Adam go, “Yes, Lord, I took hold of that ole’ apple and bit right into it?” That wouldn’t have made Him any happier. What would have made Him happier is if Adam said, “I didn’t take the apple. I didn’t eat it,” having not taken it or eaten it. What would have made Him happiest with Adam would have been to hear, “The woman you made for me offered me the apple, but I wouldn’t take it.” Now, there is truth told of the chain.
-----It‘s as important to expose chains of evil as it is to share chains of good. When we love, work, and play together we grow together in every way because of the chains binding us in love. But where any root of evil is allowed to sprout and grow, eventually there will be its fruit, then its seed, then even more sprouts to grow more fruit to seed more sprouts. We are living in a great example of this tragic process. It has become the way it is because history has been taught deceitfully, as if the snake slithered up to God and proclaimed, “This man you made to keep our Garden took the fruit from the woman you made for his company and gave to me, but I didn’t eat it.” Because the chain links of evil have not been consistently and honestly taught to our people, this whole nation is calling right wrong and wrong right, praising perversion and perverting righteousness. Chains are important.

Love you all,
Steve Corey