June 20, 2016


A local middle school is in desperate need of replacement and the school district is getting ready to launch a campaign for a ballot initiative. The print media is championing the cause and praised the county for stepping up with additional funding, and the city for the promise to look for ways to support, other than financial. A recent editorial said, “So how about the remainder of the organizations — public, private nonprofit, churches or organizations? Where do you stand?” I’m startled by the suggestion that churches should step up to the plate to help fund schools. Public schools are the same organizations that removed prayer in classrooms, Ten Commandment plaques from walls, and now require restroom use to be based on sexual identification. The writer of the editorial apparently does not understand the mission of the church. Jesus said, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s” (Matt 22:21 NIV).

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Steve Corey said...


-----Have we not noticed the price of education sky-rocketing? It seems to cost more and more every year to educate a child. I am beginning to wonder if maybe Darwin was right. Maybe each new generation of our children are evolving, thicker, more difficult and therefore more costly to penetrate skulls.
-----And that proposition seems to be evidenced by more than the rising price of education. You pointed out a very insightful bit of evidence. An intelligent life form would not have so quickly forgotten the enmity it struck up against a prospective donor. Only a fool or a blithering idiot would come palms up to those whom even his very lifestyle insults without at least showing some sense of contrition.
-----But that is not the most alarming note of this situation. Those given the responsibility of teaching our children how and what to identify and the meanings of those identities and the uses to which they are put also teach them to misidentify the makeup of their very own physical sexuality and to misuse it in truly nasty ways. The most important aspect of physical survival is staying congruent with reality. This is alarming evidence.
-----And how are our geniuse leaders measuring up to dealing with reality? In the age of rampant ignorance of the fact that the goods and services for survival come from the labor of the populace rather than from buds and blossoms on trees, our geniuses not only hamper labor and production, driving it out of our country, they build great projects for party and play, like our grand, new multi-million dollar recreation center. Then they have to spruce up the community to match it with expensive round-abouts serving no purpose better than a good set of four-way stop signs do, except for turning the cranks of the hoity-toity. And it’s not just the Euro-toits who are getting their giggly cranks turned by round-abouts and wreck-centers (hmm, maybe a redundancy there.) The valley’s soda-straw cowboys are getting themselves a giant, new, 125,00sq ft indoor arena -hoot-hoot, yea-haaa! Better make sure those trees are budding, Bud.
-----Now. How many months ago did we here tears and weeping from the library district? “Oh!. Oh. Lo is us. We’re so library poor. We’re going to cut back library hours till we choke the last few cents out of everyone the wreck-center, round-abouts, and indoor arena didn‘t.”
-----”Oops! We forgot to squeeze a little for the schools.”
-----You know? I don’t think we need schools anymore. From my vantage point, it seems all they were seriously teaching there anyway was evolution, immorality, and God is dead. The aforementioned budget handling quite well proves the theory of evolving skull thickness, and the rest is proven by the public worship of the lettuce (gag) bacon and tomato crowd.
-----Lord come quick! Anybody studied the skies lately?

Love you all,
Steve Corey