July 15, 2016

In Memory of Her

Mary had a jar of very expensive perfume that she poured on the head of Jesus as he reclined at the table. The disciples were indignant at the waste, but Jesus came to her defense, “When she poured this perfume on my body, she did it to prepare me for burial.” No doubt Mary used the perfume as a form of worship and adoration to the Lord, but I doubt she had any inkling that her actions were intended to prepare for the Lord’s burial. Like Mary, many of us underestimate the significance of our actions and deeds. Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, wherever this gospel is preached throughout the world, what she has done will also be told, in memory of her” (Matt 26:12-13 NIV).

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Steve Corey said...


-----During the last couple months I read a couple books on synchronicity. I also prodded many of the people I conversed with during those two months for some idea of how much general awareness about synchronicity is commonly around. I was a bit surprised at how many people not only understood the term, but had a pretty clear concept of what it is. Scientists won’t touch the term “prophecy”. But “synchronicity” to them is at least fair game, the term having been coined by Carl Jung and fleshed out with the help of Einstein and Wolfgang Pauli.
-----There are coincidences everywhere. But they are usually onesy-twosy things that don’t really have any meaning. They’re just stuff happening alike, for example, The Columbia was the airplane of first choice Lindbergh wanted to fly across the Atlantic. He couldn’t afford it. The guy who could afford it became Lindbergh’s competition. The evening before Lindbergh took off on his famous flight, his competition took two passengers for a ride in the Columbia. It was not a good take off. On the final bounce, The Columbia’s left landing gear broke. A crash landing was inevitable. On January 16, 2003 space shuttle Columbia launched into orbit. A piece of insulation broke off the fuel tank and struck its wing near the left landing gear bay. The flight was great. The landing was doomed. So what? Just a coincidence.
-----But synchronicity is meaningful coincidence. The Bible is full of synchronicity. We call it prophecy. Prophecy is really meaningful. And in the last ten years more amazingly meaningful coincidences have occurred: total lunar eclipses on major Jewish holidays. Many are tempted to relegate them to just coincidence. But they must do so in the headwind of the very same occurrence happening at Israel’s recapture of Jerusalem, at Israel’s becoming a nation, and at America’s practical discovery the same year the Jews were viciously expelled from Spain. Well now, all that adds a lot of meaning. Especially the practical discovery of America’s in the same year the Jews were expelled from Spain. America became not only a key factor in ending Hitler’s genocide of the Jews, but also in strengthening the newborn Israeli nation. Moreover, America as a nation was dedicated to God’s service by the First Continental Congress. Put that in the wall of separation and smoke it! But scriptural prophecy shows Israel standing completely alone before a world full of enemies before it returns to God for help. Now there is a hint about what the 2014-2015 total lunar eclipses were meaning. Obama’s deal signed with Iran August of 2015 will soon take center stage again. These total lunar eclipses on Jewish holidays were indeed God’s synchronicities, prophetic messages to all mankind. Well, to those who will consider.
-----Not only were Mary’s actions synchronicity, but it happens to whomever has given lots of heart and attention to God‘s holiness and righteousness. This kind of attention and heart frames little minds with all kinds of ideas the Lord might need synchronicitously (good-grief) blurted out at a particular moment of His choosing. It has happened to me before. I think (oops, I’m not supposed to say that) it has happened to most who love the Lord. He’s just that way.

Love you all,
Steve Corey