September 19, 2016


Regardless of how carefully I put them up, when I get ready to go for a walk I have to untangle the earbuds I use with my cell phone. I’m now contemplating the disciples who fished all night and never caught anything. I suspect that each time they drew in their nets they had to untangle them before they cast them out again. Jesus said, “Come, follow me and I will make you fishers of men” (Matt 4:19 NIV). As believers we want to focus on the catch, but many of us spend a considerable amount of time untangling our nets.

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Steve Corey said...


-----Life is complex. The very make-up of our minds underscores this. Our situations are constructs of the doings of many minds. We must daily navigate enormous complexity, most of which is irrelevant for our decisions. But some is starkly relevant, and deceptively minor in detail.
-----Dan Rather’s report on George W. Bush’s early 1960's “draft dodge” is a great example. The liberal media fluttered about in a feeding frenzy over how quickly the letter Rather reported would sink W’s campaign. But, lo, someone pointed to the little “th” superscript behind the numeral “7” in the purported letter's date. Typewriters in those days couldn’t do that!
-----Oops! Freaking GIANT OOPS! Danny boy was fired. The heat of the kitchen canned NBC news anchor, Tom Brokaw, as well. Should not that “tiny” incident have tipped off the rest of America to all the deceit in their news? Cokie Roberts’ tears on the evening of the 1994 mid-term elections should have been a queue a few years earlier. While showing the Democrat losses, she rained so many tears that rainbows hung around the stage lights. An entire library could be written of soundly conclusive tidbits of abject media lies for the cold, dead, secular-left, political machine. But even that library, if written, would get ignored, because everyone knows everything so perfectly well just by their own little, unexamined situations.
-----Two bombs detonate in New Jersey and New York. Another is found in a trash can a few blocks away. The following night, five pipe bombs are found around the Amtrak rail system. ISIS claims responsibility for a stabbing spree in Minnesota (halted by a pistol.) Everyone wonders who might be the bomber. Is he blonde haired and blue eyed? And nobody scratches their little heads over why so many Muslim Brotherhood members yet participate on the policy board of Homeland Security!
-----These aren’t tiny details like the “flying th” and minor font mismatches on Barrak Hussein (what ...sein?) Obama’s “birth certificate”. How damned foolish do we have to be to get all tangled up in webs of deceit and then obey the command to not speak of what weaves the web, or discuss, or even mention minor truths about relevant issues, such as the sensation the first Kenyan born Congressman would be, or such as the dozen+ hard drives, blackberries, and laptops hammered to uselessness AFTER Congress issued a subpoena for ALL of Hillary’s emails? Oh, yawn, so what? It’s just a net.
-----“Minor details” abound in the heavens as signs -yes, precisely what Genesis 1 and Jesus meant by "signs". “Minor details” abound in history and current events correlating with those signs in the heavens, measured by the Word of God into clues (or extraordinary coincidences. Come-on! Get a clue!) Daily it becomes ever more important to make the Word of God a giant detail of your situations.
-----Yawn, yawn, yawn! What can we do about it anyway!?! It’s God’s will!! Exactly!! Thank God His plan can not be stopped!!! Yet it is essential that we don’t join the lies about “…every little thing will be alright.” Haven’t you seen what Muslim’s do when they gain absolute control? Haven't you heard of the antichrist? Did you think he'd just pop up out of nowhere one day? The biggest thing will be alright for all who’ve been smart enough to sincerely call upon Christ for their future. But the little details of the next couple dozen years will not be pretty. Therefore, we need to be encouraging and strengthening each other unto greater faithfulness, godliness, questing for truth, and unto grasping that call on Christ with all our forgiven, faltering might.
-----Yet, we study the Book of Ruth in Sunday School, even while the Book of Revelation screams warnings into a deaf darkness.

Love you all,
Steve Corey