August 18, 2015


We know that while He hung on the cross Jesus forgave those who crucified him, but the pastor said he believed Jesus forgave those who took part in the crucifixion even before the first nail was driven, before the first stripe on his back and before the first slap. I’m now wondering what it would be like to always be in a state of forgiveness. In his model prayer Jesus said, “Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors” (Matt 6:12 NIV).

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Steve Corey said...


-----Last weekend I took Char to Canon City. I looked forward to it all week, relaxing in the motel, being served at a fine restaurant, gazing into the Royal Gorge. This weekend I take her camping. I plan the work but look forward to the relaxation, for there is plenty of work to pay for the rest. Camping is a little different for me than something like Canon City. I don’t go camping by my impetus, and I wouldn’t go if it were strictly by my desires. But Char loves camping, so I love taking her. I find something to desire about it. Then I train that desire by making sure I enjoy it.
-----The dictionary says desire is a “conscious impulse towards something that promises enjoyment or satisfaction in its attainment.” Put a little less sterile, desire is a choosing way of relating, whether or not what is chosen is received. It can be more or less emotionally involved just as it can be more or less intellectually occupied with planning and execution. It isn’t only a looking forward to what is not had, it is also a looking forward to the continued having of what is already had. It is definitely a relational, incorporative attitude facing the place where the future is manufactured into the present with the anticipation of a specific product to emerge. Whether or not that product emerges, time’s factory adds, modifies, and subtracts from you, as well, according to the desires you feed into it.
-----I can merely plan all the hard work of camping. But then doing that hard work would be a drudge. Self-control is fruit of the Spirit because it places you at the wheel of your desires, before your desires become you. When I ran my motorcycle over that unfortunate little deer, the pavement ate a hole in the ball of my big toe. That hole had to be scrubbed. My choice was between pain or infection. I chose pain. So I desired the pain I chose. Then I realized that if I desired the pain it could feel good if I also chose to feel it as good. So I did. And when Char objected to the task of scrubbing for the pain it would cause me, I didn’t deny that it would hurt, I just assured her it would feel good. And when she scrubbed it felt great! Desire is a powerful thing. It is far more effective than just planning. So I desire the hard work.
-----But most of all I desire righteousness. Not the ordinary concept of righteousness: dropping lots of money into the offering plate, saying long vociferous prayers, leading Sunday schools, serving communion, and such that’s generally envisioned by the term. By righteousness I mean the one best choice in every situation, the choice which attains the best spread of benefit for every element of the situation, the benefit which most bears the glory of God in its markings and most arouses affection towards God, or at least some curiosity about Him. What I mean by righteousness is an aspiration for good as God defines it to be the integrity of every situation and all its elements, man, beast, thing, thought, or feeling.
-----Forgiveness is a large portion of that good because damage is so common. Situations do not come in perfection on this earth. So, like the wound on my foot, tough and bad, even evil things come for us in our situations. Inescapable damage is more a part of the natural order of this place than is bliss. Forgiveness makes damage benefitial. It doesn’t fix damage; it fixes your moorings to which relationships tether, especially relationship with those who damaged you. God is a relational God. Fixing your moorings for others fixes your mooring for Him. So desiring to be forgiving makes the pain of damage feel good even before damage has happened. And that excuses pain from your fears so your fear will be for God alone. “He fulfils the desire of all who fear Him, He also hears their cry, and saves them.” (Ps 145:19)

Love you all,
Steve Corey