March 29, 2016


America’s foundation is as a Christian nation and the greatness of our country is an inheritance from God for faithfulness…albeit we are not as faithful as we once were. In the Parable of the Tenants, I picture Isis (the Islamic State) as the tenants wanting to destroy America because it belongs to the son…Christ. Jesus said, “But when the tenants saw the son, they said to each other, ‘This is the heir. Come, let’s kill him and take his inheritance.’ So they took him and threw him out of the vineyard and killed him. “Therefore, when the owner of the vineyard comes, what will he do to those tenants”” (Matt 21:38-40 NIV)? Islamists are adamant about killing Americans, but Mathew makes it clear that God, in His time, will “bring those wretches to a wretched end.”


Steve Corey said...


-----And just about everyone else, too. The beast of Rev 13 has a history stretching back to ancient Egypt. The angel told John such. When the Lamb finished opening the seals, angels were blowing trumpets. After the sixth trumpet sounded, a temple is introduced. The Temple is an historical element existing from the 9th Century BC through most of the 1st Century AD with about a hundred year break in the 6th Century BC. Now it will again be in existence during the Tribulation moment. This Temple of Rev 11 is also linked to an historical past.
-----Then sounds the seventh trumpet, and the things of Revelation seemingly become even harder to understand. The portent of the woman in the heavens with child who was chased by the dragon at its birth is very recognizable as Jesus’ story. Again, an element of expansive history woven into the Tribulation story. So also the war between the dragon and Michael has a long history. Read Daniel. It was waging then, too. So also the beast which rises out of the sea has a long history, as that angel revealed to John. So, would not the beast which rose from the earth, the false prophet, not also have a long history throughout man’s chaotic past to arrive like these others as a particular personage within the Tribulation moment? And also the image of the beast? All of these elements indeed can be seen as metaphorical representations of general processes of mankind’s struggle against God, and some metaphorical of the faithful few’s struggle against rebelling mankind, like the woman fleeing into the desert and the 144,000 of Rev 14. Yet all arrive as particular personages taking part in the Tribulation moment.
-----World history is His Story. It sits upon the witness stand testifying to the truth of God’s Word. Most processes of that story are the very processes God defeats in the Tribulation moment. Many billions of people have played parts in the characteristics of the Tribulation moment by obeying the spirits which become physically expressed in that moment, most to the destruction of what is right, peaceful, and joyful by the spirit of the dragon, and many fewer who have been constructive of what is right, peaceful, and joyful by the Spirit of the Lamb. In accord with the fact that the seven heads of the beast are seven empires, five which were before John’s day, one which was during his day, and one which had not yet come by John’s day, accordingly, these portents interplaying between trumpets and bowls of wrath are processes of history particularized into characters of the Tribulation moment.
-----So then, why would not the one who hinders the man of lawlessness at II Thes 2:7 also be an historical process which also particularizes into a specific personage for the Tribulation moment?
-----What you say about the US of A is spot on true. The Lord God stirred the history of man such that the men of His Word landed upon America’s shores to create a nation of particular import. A nation born of the stirrings of His Spirit in the hearts of men seeking Him. And when that nation came into specific being, the first act of its leaders was to stand in the meadow in front of St John’s Church and dedicate the new nation unto God’s service. Was that act of no significance? To the people of the beast it is not even entertained as a thought. To the people of the Lamb, it is what made the US of A exceptional.

Steve Corey said...

-----Follow the generalities of history into the coming Tribulation moment. The angel told us six heads of the beast can be identified: Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Macedonia, and Rome. The seventh head can’t be the sixth head or it would be that same head. Nor can it be the revival of the sixth head, for it is the eighth head which is the healing of the seventh head, not the sixth, for it was the seventh head which had died, again, not the sixth head. So the seventh head can not be the revival of the Roman Empire as has been carelessly taught for too long. It is the coming of something else. Can we tell what?
-----Yes. Look at history in the light of prophecy. The six heads we know all share two things in common, except the first head, Egypt. That is because the first thing each head has in common is that it defeated the head before it. Of course, there was naught before the first head to defeat, so Egypt shares not that trait. The second is that each at one time or another controlled the Holy Land. Assyria defeated Egypt and was defeated by Babylonia defeated by Persia defeated by Macedonia defeated by Rome, and they each controlled the Holy Land at a time. Easy. Now, is there an empire of history which defeated the Roman Empire and controlled the Holy Land?
-----This one is not so easy because most people fail to realize Byzantium was the last vestige of the Roman Empire. The Byzantines continued the culture of Rome and thought of themselves as Romans. Knowing this makes the identity of the seventh head easy as pie. Byzantium was defeated by the Ottoman-Turks -Muslims- which would be the Caliphate until 1919 when it came to an end, that is, when it died.
-----Why did it die? Look at history in the light of God’s Word. The Zionist movement was at that time 44 years old. Europe was realizing the Jewish people needed their own homeland. This thought was being cast towards the Holy Land, which the Ottoman-Turks controlled. “Not over our dead body!” was the Ottoman-Turk attitude towards the thought of any Jewish control whatsoever in the Holy Land. Well, God is bigger than any beastly government, so, dead went the head, and 29 years later Israel became a nation again, over the Ottoman-Turkish Caliphate‘s dead body! Hallelujah! Praise God Almighty! He is King!!! And what do we see stirring today? Struggling to lift its healing head from the dead? The Caliphate! ISIS is an attempt. It may succeed. Iran might be its rising. Or some other Islamic effort. But be assured, when that seventh head comes alive as the eighth, the kingdom of Satan on earth, it will be Islamic! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! For its rising will be to get a backside thrashing! A thorough one, too.

Steve Corey said...

-----This stuff is easy, guys, when you study history and the Word, because they are both real. And both being real, they correlate. What is the mind of the beast? Man ruling over man, sucking the life out of others for the self. Hillary? Bernie? Might even see a bit-o-that in Donnie! And there’s a little of it in Teddy because he is yet alive in the flesh, but his heart and soul is given to the One whose way is sucking life out of self to give unto others. Teddy might get elected, but so what if he does? The death of Scalia was the death of justice in the Supreme Court. Mark my word; I know liberals and their kingdom within America; that court will go 5 to 1 evil before the end of Obama’s term. As such, it would defeat everything Ted Cruz might do.
-----America stood like a fortress wall against the evil of Hitler’s advance, then against the evil of the Soviet advance. America shored up some of Israel’s strength against the raging attacks from his neighboring Muslim countries which began as soon as he became a nation (The Lord God is responsible for his survival.) But America caught a spinal disease resisting the advance of Mao ZeDong’s evil. America has now fallen into evil herself. Now she is becoming Hitler’s, Stalin’s, and Mao’s evil, French-kissing Castro lips, and sweeping clean the paths of Islamic terrorists into America so we can finally become like Europe: a little blast here, a bigger blast there, no-go zones everywhere. Europe has always been fraught with chaos and war.
-----Jesus even said to watch for the signs of the coming most terrible time. Four total lunar eclipses at the finding of the land eventually to become America, again at the founding of Israel, and again at Israel’s repossession of Jerusalem marked those dates certainly. What did the four total lunar eclipses of the last two years mark? I can not help but see that the first set marked the beginning of the one which, in the general historical sense, would hold back the man of lawlessness from spreading Nazi control around the world to the elimination of all Jews, the beginning of the US of A, dedicated to God’s service. I can not help but see that this last set of the four sets marks the end of the US of A’s restraining the lawlessness now quickly coming. America is turning to evil socialism, has signed a deal with Iran guaranteeing nuclear weapons to this nation sworn to Israel’s destruction, and is throwing open doors to the flood of Islamism in the form of “beloved” Muslim refugees. America has gone benedict Arnold to the Lord.
-----Brothers and sisters, I do not say this idly. I do not say this without years of careful study. I do not say this without being myself astonished at the signs before us, without having tried to find flaw and error in them, but could not. I’ve had to admit that the big probability is that we have a little more than a dozen years to prepare for the Tribulation moment. In my heart I do not believe that preparation should be 30-06’s, Mausers, or AK-47s. This thing cometh because this thing is called forth by God. Get real with the Lord. Redefine your desires to indelibly be His Word and righteousness and closeness to Him and right treatment of everyone around you. Islam is headed for America, and you are going to need the sensitivity to His Spirit’s unction to be in the right places at the right times to avoid your head’s rolling, and other atrocities they will be committing upon our beloved women. Lay your hearts before Him for leading like you’ve never been led before. And if I am wrong? Your lives will be elevated anyway; Oh, how awful! Try it. You’ll like it.

Love you all,
Steve Corey

PS: When I went to post this, I felt a “no, don’t yet.” So I waited. Now I’ve just heard the breaking news that our new Supreme Court on a 4 to 4 vote has given unions the right to collect money from non-union members to be used for political purposes obverse to those non-members. Of joy. Oh joy. It’s seeping through the woodwork already.