April 20, 2016

Child Abuse

In a neighboring community the Atheists, Agnostics and Freethinkers want to stop religious literature (Gideon Bibles) from being made available in middle schools. This group was afforded the same rights and they were allowed to put satanic literature, some of which was cartoonish, on a table in the school. I understand what the Atheists are trying to do. However, their battle is with school policy and policy makers. The willingness of these adults to use children as pawns is inexcusable. Jesus said, “And if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a large millstone tied around his neck” (Mark 9:42 NIV). 

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Steve Corey said...


-----I fear this kind of child abuse began long before the AAF. I agree the AAF is ratcheting up the abuse. But without the former abuse, I propose we would not have to be experiencing this AAF ratchet-up.
-----During my first couple years in grade school, if you did something dumb and significant, you got to sit in front of the class wearing a dunce hat. Of course, I was subjected to the rough and tumble of country grade-schools, so if someone was being stupid we were sure to call him stupid. I picked up on this little habit well enough that the public backpressure against such “verbal abuse” during my High School years in the tamer city of Grand Junction registered in my mind as a significant event. I did not think it was a very good idea to allow boneheads to interact publicly with the same approval shown Carefulthinkers (as opposed to Freethinkers.) I saw it as another hole in the dike. I lamented the lack of any little Dutch boy for sticking his finger in it. To me, that was ominous.
-----But little did I know the child abuse had started earlier yet. The Fascist Moment of Western Civilization had not missed America. Some of our best Freethinkers were quite inspirational to Adolf Hitler. And the FDR bureaucracy was infested with minds full of a militarized society. From the Civilian Conservation Corps to the National Recovery Administration, uniforms and military lingo worked at shaping a new culture. “The Blue Eagle was the patriotic symbol of compliance that all companies were expected to hang from their doors, along with the motto ‘We do our part,’ a phrase used by the administration the way the Germans used ‘Gemeinnutz geht vor Eigennutz.” (The community comes before the individual.) “Now largely airbrushed from popular awareness, the stylized Indian eagle clutching a band of lightning bolts in one claw and an industrial cogwheel in the other was often compared to the swastika or the German Reich eagle in both American and German newspapers.“ (Liberal Fascism. J Goldberg. Pg 153-4.) This “less legislated” brand of Gleichschaltung worked its wonders well, seeing the Philadelphia Eagles named their team after the Blue Eagle. “According to Harold Ikes, FDR’s interior secretary and one of the most important architects of the New Deal, Roosevelt himself privately acknowledged that ’what we were doing in this country were some of the things that were being done in Russia and even some of the things that were being done under Hitler in Germany’…Eventually, the similarities had become so transparent that Ickes had to warn Roosevelt that the public was increasingly inclined ‘to unconsciously group four names: Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and Roosevelt.’” (Liberal Fascism. J Goldberg. Pg 122.)
-----Sound familiar? Of course not! Our wonderful schools abused generations of children henceforth by airbrushing these fascist characteristics out of their history lessons. Had the truth been taught with the same punitive shame slavery has been taught, there never would have been a Lyndon Banes Johnson, a Jimmy Carter, a Bill Clinton, a Barrack Hussein (of all things) Obama, or the horrifying specter of a Hillary Clinton. If we had continued calling stupid “stupid” we would not have over half our population clamoring for communism. Hold onto your hats, brothers and sisters, for the same political power which held back the governments of evil in the 20th century must now join those evil governments in the 21st before the Man of Perdition will be revealed for a good stomping by the Lord at His return. And once again we will be allowed to call stupid “stupid”.

Love you all,
Steve Corey