April 19, 2016


I’ve known a few women who’ve made some very poor choices when it comes to the men in their life. After six marriages and divorces it’s hard not to do an eye roll when I hear they have once again found Prince Charming and a new Knight in Shining Armor. Let me admit that if I were one of the townsfolks who heard the testimony of the Samaritan woman who returned from Jacob’s Well after an encounter with Jesus I’d have said, “Yah right. You’ve met another man and he has told you everything you’ve ever done. We in the town know your reputation and we too can tell you everything you’ve ever done!” However, the point of the woman’s testimony is not her reputation, but that looking for the Messiah was in the forefront of her mind. “Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did. Could this be the Christ” (John 4:29 NIV)?

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Steve Corey said...


-----Our falsehood which persistently causes failure is multi faceted. And each facet has its own defensive strategy against correction. Therefore, correcting misbehavior and the penchant for making foolish choices can seem elusive because our errors stack upon errors in almost unending complexity.
-----I love some of the metaphors in God’s Word, whether or not the Holy Spirit directly meant them. Adam and Eve both died in all ways when they chose to do one simple, seemingly innocent action: eat a fruit. At the spearhead of their error was one simple mistake: they failed to persist in desiring what was right because they failed to persist in believing what they had been told in spite of what they were now being told. In other words, they did not stake their claim on God stubbornly. They were willing to listen and deal with ideas.
-----A driven stake doesn’t need ideas to prevent straying from the truth. It just needs held. And that’s what desiring right does. It holds the stake. And the more it desires the tighter it holds. Christ recovered the keys to death, and all that is His is ours. So we also have a share in those keys, not just that someday we will enjoy eternal bodies, but that through sincere, abiding, consuming desire for the righteousness God establishes our falsehood’s defensive doors unlock and open through which the ways of new life will chase out the repetitions of old death.

Love you all,
Steve Corey