April 29, 2016


The media is always writing about President Obama’s push to make policy that will “add to his legacy.” I find it curious that today’s politicians feel they can write their own story, rather than letting history determine whether or not they were accomplished leaders. In my mind the legacy of a believer is not so much what they accomplished on earth, but what they were able to pass on to others, or pass down to future generations. Paul wrote of such a legacy in the family of Timothy, “I have been reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also” (2 Tim 1:5).

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Steve Corey said...


-----Why would the substance of legacy in your mind be any more valid than the substance of legacy in the media’s mind? Who’s to say what’s true? I guess it depends on where you turn to find the answers to those two questions. And whence to turn is why those questions have been so important to the people of the left (Eccl 10:2) over the last several decades. Although the people of the right (Eccl 10:2) have not excellently handled the word of truth, they have more rightly handled it than wrongly. So they were, until this present flood of madness began, at least somewhat a dam hindering the insanity of the left. But the flood has now overflowed those dikes, and it is washing them away from having any remnant effects upon man.
-----So the liberal is fully convinced, being a man of the left, that what makes reality is what mankind collectively considers reality to be. Then, who makes reality is who convinces mankind of what to think, so they say. This is why the arts and journalism are gigantically big deals to the liberal. They are the modes of convincing, therefore, they are the roads to their reality. And it is why everyone must be forced into ideological conformity with what they drive down those roads. Only then will reality become what they want.
-----Imagine the day fifteen years henceforth, after all of the history books have been rewritten, after the Islamic morons have dynamited the last antiquity and archeological site, after every book of wisdom and knowledge about God has been destroyed, and when the only remaining antithesis to the mind of the left is inside the minds of the right, in that day the collective beliefs and actions of man will be diametrically opposed to righteousness, not just out of kilter with it. The only thing that will then no longer be a part of "reality" will be truth and righteousness, except for what of it proceeds from the few remaining minds of the right. (For that reason will be the antichrist’s mad crusade to remove every last head from all the people of the right -the saints.)
-----Journalists deny they are performing the function of the false prophet at the same time they are being the false prophet. Truthfully, what they deny or accept has nothing to do with reality, but only with folly. Christ’s feet in the great wine press will establish that fact. And should little Barry O. enjoy the good fortune of mortally existing for a couple more decades, should he not one day open his little eyes and pour forth confession of his sins and repentance into a sincere call on Jesus Christ (and hence loose his head, too,) regardless of a thousand legacies these false prophets could write for him, the tiny whine that he truly is will be squeezed from him in that press also. My desire and prayer is that he confesses, repents, calls, stops whining, and starts being a person of the spiritual right. It’s a lot to desire, but it isn’t more than our God who wrote reality through His prophets and apostles. He’s to say what’s true. He’s why the substance in your mind is valid. You’re a person of the right.

Love you all,
Steve Corey