April 15, 2016

Endangered Species

I attended a program on butterflies and learned they can, depending on the species, live for a day, a week, or for two seasons for those that hibernate. Because there is a decrease in the number of Monarch Butterflies some people want to put them on the endangered species list. The speaker pointed out that the Monarch’s migration is a one-way trip, “I don’t know how you would protect something that migrates all the way from Canada to Mexico.” How presumptuous of man to try and take God’s place in caring for his creatures. Jesus said, “Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father” (Mat 10:29 NIV).

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Steve Corey said...


-----I’ve noticed Biblical prophecies often relate to specific elements as well as general processes. The great Babylon whose destruction is prophesied in the eighteenth chapter of Revelation is a good example. Collectively, eschatologists have fingered Rome, Babylon, and even the USA as being this Babylon. They always counter one another while not realizing that in the sense of a spiritually produced process, all three accusations, as well as many more accusations which can be leveled around the world seem to be quite sensibly present in this Babylon which is destroyed. For the spiritual process represented in the description of Babylon’s destruction engages that simple process operated at the Tree of Knowledge, “Thank you very much, God, but we will do it our way. Now get lost!” That is very much what was operating at the Tower of Babel, too, “Let us build [for] ourselves…” (Gen 11:4) Man can depend upon himself. Or man can depend upon God. The one is brought to an end. The other is timeless.
-----Now, I don’t know if Jesus meant the following ideas in the Revelation He gave John, but I can hardly fail to notice the metaphors. And maybe I notice these metaphors only because I so despise liberals for their obsession with gaining control of all mankind in order to effect their “salvation” of the world from the evils of men. Like the rider on the white horse they come to conquer all of their fellow men with empty words of “peace”. But when their philosophies are expressed into actions and lifestyles they divide men into categories of treatment which leads only to class warfare, racial strife, and struggles between the individual and the liberal bullyhood (red horse of the 2nd seal.) Their choking control of the economy always collapses it (black horse of the 3rd seal,) and the inevitable result of a bunch of bickering fighting, starving people is disease, war, and the resultant inability to hold back the ravages of nature and its beasts (pale horse of the 4th seal.) Then, almost as if it is being shoved into the face of what liberals worship (earth, trees, and oceans) 1/3 of the trees and grasses are burnt up at the blast of the 1st trumpet, the 2nd trumpet turns 1/3 of the seas into blood, killing 1/3 of the sea creatures, and the 3rd trumpet blast leads to the pollution of 1/3 of the rivers and springs. Then, because liberals deny everything told them (as in warnings,) the 2nd bowl of wrath turns all of the sea to blood, killing everything in it, the 3rd turns all of the rivers and springs into blood, and for a little added measure, the 4th mocks the liberal’s hallowed “global warming” rant, scorching their worthless hides in a furious sun, the real cause of not only global warming, but life sustaining warming as well.
-----Now, I don’t really think Revelation was written against liberals in specific. Those revealed by it as finally defeated are of a much broader category of error than just liberalism, the error of telling God to get lost because I will live life my way! Those who overcome ask God to find them so they can live life His way. A simple difference with very divergent effects.

Love you all,
Steve Corey