February 14, 2017

Called to Tweet

The media continues to tell President Trump what he should and should not do — stop tweeting, stick to your agenda, act more presidential. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop with the media and public opinion, but the church too offers advice. On more than one occasion I’ve heard pastors say, “I wish Trump would…” As mature believers we know God calls the most unlikely people to do His bidding and He not only gives them a specific message, but in many cases He instructs them on the delivery of the message. I’m trying to imagine telling Paul to quit preaching, stick to the plan and act more like an Apostle. Paul said, “Yet when I preach the gospel, I cannot boast, for I am compelled to preach. Woe to me if I do not preach the gospel! If I preach voluntarily, I have a reward; if not voluntarily, I am simply discharging the trust committed to me” (1 Cor 9:16-17 NIV). God has a sense of humor and it’s entirely possible He called President Trump to tweet a particular message.


Steve Corey said...


-----Nothing happens that God has not at least allowed. We call it His “permissive will”. The fact that the earth is trundling down a course to a shaking hell upon its surface expresses how permissive His will must be. I proudly possess a short stack of “Thank God for the Don” bumper stickers, because currently The Don is acting like a cause for thankfulness. I won’t peel the sticker off my bumper just because The Don fails to abide in the liberal’s holey word. In fact, I’m considering additional bumper stickers.
-----Nor will I peel it off if Trump starts doing stupid, liberal stuff. Although I never stickered up with any thankfulness for Obama, I am highly thankful to God for him. Obama was a distinctly clear and giant step towards the Tribulation hell-on-earth coming. But as hellacious as those seven years will be, a thousand will be more gloriously joyful and peaceful immediately thereafter. Those final years of peace are the inevitable culmination of earth’s story to be enjoyed by every person who now loves, trusts, and follows Christ today.
-----I’m still training to not gripe and mumble about the abject stupidity of American-kind giving free reign to the lying left. Misguided Biblical concepts opened even America’s twentieth century into what has come to be called the fascist moment of the Western World. Even Kristallnacht did not awaken the whole of Christianity to the upwelling tide of fascistic deceit coming. Nor did the Holocaust convince the world to repent of its anti-Semitism. It yet trundles foolishly down the road to Armageddon, after which yours and my great joy begins. For that trundle I am thankful in the same way God can will it.
-----So to The Don I say, “Tweet, baby, tweet! Today you’re sounding good, yet tomorrow’s the Lord’s all the same.” And if The Don’s wisdom bellies up, still I say, “Tweet, baby, Tweet! For what’s written will be.” All events together take us there.

Love you all,
Steve Corey

Pumice said...

Won't it be strange if a man who could not understand that he needed forgiveness is the one who is used to advance values and causes that are important to us? God indeed has a sense of humor.

Grace and peace.

Gail Marvel said...

Certainly for those of us who have eyes to see!

Steve Corey said...

-----Not everyone wears the Lord on his cuff. And I sense that more wear Him on their cuff in their own non-descript ways than wear Him there in ways clearly discernible to everyone else. The Lord is usually first a very personal relationship, then He becomes a more public one, sometimes. Some people bring Him to their public quickly. Others don’t. Most everything we know of public figures like Trump is known second hand at best. In an information system full of bias, fraud, and deceit, one has to be very skilled at vetting second-hand information to know anything accurately. So what can be known of Trump’s relationship with the Lord considering such circumstances?
-----I like to listen to talk radio. Although sample sizes can not be great (only one person can talk at a time) talk radio is great for hearing what different folks think and how they put their ideas together. A bit less than a year ago I heard a caller conversing with Bill Bennett about how he had Trump all figured out on the basis of some two and a half dozen conversations they had a few years earlier. As Bennett drilled into the caller’s story for his root of confidence in his conviction, it became apparent that these conversations were each only a couple minutes long. That’s not much time to sort and compare ideas. So what he had to say about Trump meant much less to me than did where he had these conversations: Sunday school. The caller and Bill Bennett’s were not discussing whether Trump went to church or not. That was merely mentioned as a part of the storyline It was about whatever ideas this guy was talking, which I didn’t remember, because after all, how thoroughly can ideas be discussed two minutes a time once a week? But that the caller claimed they were happening at Sunday school spoke volumes to me.