May 06, 2016

Meet the Press

Yesterday I attended a National Day of Prayer breakfast and was seated with the “Arts, Entertainment and Media” group. Amongst the almost 80 attendees were many prominent community leaders…those of the world and those of faith. Interestingly it was the local newspaper publisher who garnered the most attention, recognition and respect. I came away from the event with the vision of the church bowing before a modern day asherah pole. It was as though people of faith felt they needed to ingratiate themselves to the media in order to get their message out. Jesus did not send the 12 out to meet the press, but rather He instructed them, “As you go, preach this message: ‘The kingdom of heaven is near’” (Matt 10:7 NIV). 

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Steve Corey said...


-----The press is social power. Those who are successful in it become socially powerful by it. At least it is that way inside this little box we call a physical universe. The interesting thing about the press and all its power is that it is going to be left standing stripped down naked before the Lord on Judgment Day after their precious little box has fled from the face of the One sitting upon the Great White Throne! (Rev 20:11) Then it will be seen who’s powerful and who’s weak.
-----From that mountain top everything done will be shouted to all. On that mountain top those who went about within the box weakly whispering truth to friends and neighbors and whomever crossed their paths will stand like granite in the presence of the Truth they whispered. And He will wipe the tears from their eyes. But the strong ones of the box will flood their eyes with regret for the truth they denied. That’s the only sad part of this truth. For even one soul to spend eternity in the lake of fire is weightier than the entire universe. How stupid it is to exchange the glory of eternal bliss for a tiny speck of constrained power within a little, cowardly box!

Love you all,
Steve Corey